Dec 192014

Texaco Gas Station (Schroeder's Auto Service) 2701 N Campbell Ave

2701 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ — I almost hit my brakes when I first saw this station. Haven’t seen such a fine example for many years. These stations come from the times when service stations meant just that.

Gas was pumped for you, your oil was checked, your windows were cleaned. And the service was delivered with a smile. Oh, those were the days!

This style of Texaco was designed by Walter Dorwing Teague and were built throughout America in the 60s. Many were update in the 80s and the 90s, but this design seems more classic.

Texaco is a shortened form of The Texas Company. At one point it was the only company selling gasoline under the same name in all 50 states. Independent until 2001, it merged into the Chevron Corporation and its station franchises divested into the Shell Oil Company.

This building now serves as the home of Schroeder’s Auto Service.

Dec 112014

Southern Arizona — Southern Arizona is a bird watcher’s paradise! Well the big ones arrived! Sandhill cranes are three to four feet tall with a wingspan of over five feet. They live for over 20 years and migrate to Southern Arizona just we can see these amazing birds!

Ok, ok, they also winter throughout Texas, New Mexico and California, but I am tickled that flocks, I mean hordes, I mean well-over 30,000 birds can be found in some areas of Southern Arizona. With that many birds together, you will hear them way before you see them.

The birds stick around from October to February.

The Wilcox area has a playa which affords large numbers. Their Wings Over Wilcox Birding and Nature Festival is January 14-18.

Another possibility is the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area, 1500 acres filled with an amazing variety of wildlife, and around this time of years, filled to capacity with cranes.

Nov 222014
One of America’s Best Cycling Events to be Held Saturday, Nov 22

Tucson, AZ — November 22, thousands will flock to downtown for the running of El Tour de Tucson. The race attracts over 9,000 cyclists from novices to professional athletes. The first race starts at 7:00 Read More

Nov 052014
Butterfly Magic at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Butterfly Magic, Tucson, AZ — When the mercury starts to dip the best place to go in Tucson is the Butterfly Magic exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. Here is a “sketched” version of a Read More

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